The T-6G arrived per schedule at the Greene County Airport on 17 October. Several intrepid aviators signed up to fly. The list follows but not sure all flew. The hops were thoroughly enjoyed with lots of big smiles showing. Doug Gilchrist took on the task of "Operations Officer" and made things go smoothly. Al Heuss manned the TV camera and filmed the action. Will try to capture some shots of the action. Many thanks to Doug and Al. The list of old, not so bold aviators follows:

Richard Atkins
Hap Chandler and guest
Joe Chipps
Dick Desing...who urged and got a high speed pass. Mach .002 or so.
Harry Eckes
Doug Gilchrist
Vernon Hesterman
Al Heuss
LaNell King..wife of Bob King
Ron Hanson - previously overlooked(03-26-05. Did few rolls!!)
Ed McKenzie
John Miller

Congratulations all. Do it again in 50 more!

On 16 Oct 2003, a T-6G is being made available for a flight back into 1952. This particular  T-6G has been
 flown by many of you..  maybe you even soloed in it! Take a look at your log books and see if you ever
flew S/N 493272. It is pictured below as it is today. It is not  too far from the original T-6G configuration.
Someone has incorrectly painted the buzz number as TA-400... should be TA-272. It is stationed at Sidney,
Ohio and is flown regularly. The owner is also operator of the Sidney Airport and has all necessary certificates
and insurance. He will bring it to Green County Airport, Xenia, OH for our convenience. If you want a ride, sign
up on your registration form. Approximately 10 have signed up already and it will probably be necessary to
have a drawing since time will be limited. Of course, if you really want a flight, stay over after the reunion for

This aircraft was delivered to the USAAF just 8 days after Pearl Harbor. A partial history is  known..
it was remanufactured as a T-6G and given a new serial number and was sent to Greenville AB,
Mississippi in July of 1952. It remained there until being transferred to Graham AB, Florida. Our class
was the last to fly this ship at Greenville. It found it's way to Craig AFB where it was declared surplus
and transferred to Davis Monthan AFB for storage in 1957.