2013 53-F  60th Anniversary Reunion is CANCELLED
All rooms at Hope Hotel that were blocked for us were released today( 15 Aug). If you have a reservation and don't now plan to use them, you must cancel with Hope and arrange for refunds.

                 ----------------->Here’s the poop. First and final notice.

Gentlemen:  This year we, the Jake Watson Memorial Wing consisting of those who attended Greenville ,
Hondo, and Webb, will gather to celebrate the 60th anniversary since graduation in 1953. The Jake Watson
Memorial Wing.. is hosting this reunion for the entire Fox class. Every member of 53 Fox is welcome so set
aside past differences and attend this one. Some of you have never been to a reunion. Make this one...
possibly our last. The roster of FOXES still with us is getting shorter, and 80+ year olds are the rule.
So let’s
all turn out for this event
AND make sure all  your old buddies and wives attend also. Instructors, widows,
guests most welcome.

When and where – September 15–18, 2010 is the date. Mark your calendars and make your travel arrangements.
The dates are firm.  HOWEVER… plans, as usual are still being made. Suggest arriving early and staying late.
Where – The Hope Hotel
, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH near Dayton , OH . Web site: www.hopehotel.com   
The  Hope Hotel is a full service hotel/convention center. Check the web site for reservations and details. For
the computer challenged, here’s the info.. 
Hope Hotel and Conference Center , Bldg. 823 Area A, Wright-
Patterson AFB, OH 45433. Phone: 937-879-2696  Sorry, no 800 number. Mention Pilot Training Class 53-F.
Our rooms are blocked until 15 August at $77 per night. Even though they are blocked for 16, 17, 18, the
hotel will honor the rate for additional days if you make early reservations. Packy’s Restaurant and Bar is a
few steps down the hall from our hospitality suite. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be arranged as desired.
Dinner in a banquet setting will be on Wednesday nite. Tuesday night will be a night out at a local spot.

Schedule of Events(SUBJECT TO CHANGE as we get closer)
This reunion will be another sentimental journey into our past. The
National Museum of the USAF will be the
centerpiece. For those not familiar, the museum presents military aviation history, boasting more than 300 aircraft
and aerospace vehicles -  many rare and one-of-a-kind, thousands of historical items, and powerful sensory
exhibits that bring history to life and connects the Wright brothers’ legacy with today’s stealth and precision
technology. This presents a wonderful opportunity to renew memories of the Fox era. Jim Mayton will try to
arrange a tour of the restoration hangar. We hope you will bring your pictures and other memorabilia for
showing and display. Laptop computers and projector available to show any items that can be shown on a
computer display including movies.

15 Sep Sunday. The hospitality suite (Liberty room) will be open for early arrivals.

16 Sep Monday.  Arrivals and registration at Hope Hotel . Open hospitality suite in the Liberty Room until ??
                              Dinner on your own at ???   Suggest
Packy's next door. so we can return to Hospitality Room
                              for visiting, show and tell...

17 Sep Tuesday                    0700 – 0900 Breakfast at Packy’s
0900 - Arrivals and registration continues in the Liberty Room. Time for tour
            of restoration hangar to be announced
              Open activities such as Museum touring, tours of
  Dayton ..Wright
              Memorials,  Wright flying field, and much more..
              Hospitality Suite remains open.
   1700 - 1830 Happy hour(YES.. Happy hour!)
   1845 - Depart for dinner at restaurant to be determined.  By primary base or all
              together??  Hospitality suite open after dinner until ??

18 Sep Wednesday                0700 – 0900 Breakfast at Packy’s.
               Hospitality suite open all day.
Activities of choice until…..
   1600 -  Business meeting to include election of Deputy Wing Commander and other
               staff. Plan  for future reunions, etc.
                Memorial service and group picture taking to follow.
    1900 - Dinner in a banquet setting in room to be announced. Dress informal or as
               desired. If you  have a uniform, please wear it. Some have... a class act!!
                After dinner speaker…open to volunteers and suggestions. Or everyone be
                prepared  to  relate favorite incidents/stories of pilot training or careers.
                STAY AND DRINK UP SURPLUS !!

19 Sep Thursday                0900 - Farewell breakfast from menu at Packys. Hospitality suite open for good-byes.

Individual costs for the reunion are estimated to be $125 per person to be collected at reunion business meeting.
Pre-registration not required but PLEASE confirm that you are coming, how many in party,  and make any special requests.
**** To supply this info, you may click here and fill in form. Also use to order shirts, caps, etc as listed below****
Fee will pay for hospitality and dining rooms,  mailing costs, and Saturday dinner. Overages will be returned. I
f we are
short,  a bit more may be required. Following the 1996 reunion, we published an "expanded roster" which included
biographies, comments, mail, etc. If you didn't get one, you should have! It has been updated continuously and is on the
web site, so if you want to make an input or update your info, get it to us soon… even if you don’t plan to attend the
reunion. Pictures are being added to our class scrapbook. They seem to be quite rare of our training days, so if you have
some, make copies or email for us all  to enjoy.
Transportation is/will be a problem. Plan on using a car. No public transportation to or from Museum. Pair up, etc. Let us
know if you have special requirements. If it appears necessary, rental cars/vans can be arranged.
 Points of contact below
if you need further info or help --

SHIRTS, CAPS , ETC . -- Interested in Fox Golf shirt______ Cap_____ Sweat shirt_____
Cup____ Other_____. Taking orders now. Will need your desires, size, etc by 15

Admin/Logistics/Greenville        Hondo help:                                          Associates help:
Donald M. Condra                       Jim Mayton                                           Bob King
93                                          2000 Tynne Meadow Ln.                    608 E. Patton
, OH 45312                  Prince George , VA 23875                  Papillion , NE 68046
937-335-4900                                804-732-2225                                         402-331-7241
                      jjmayton@yahoo.com                          aeroconbk@aol.com

Many public libraries have internet access!

Staff until next election/selection....... 
53-F Jake Watson Memorial Wing - Command and Staff     
Class Commander
             Jake Watson - Permanent, Post humorous Commander
Deputy Class Commander
Donald M. Condra
Ops/Adjutant/Financial/web master
               Donald M. Condra 
               P.O. Box 93                  
               Casstown, OH 45312
               Email: dardnoc@aol.com
Al Huess
Greenville AB, MS -- Direct Greenville correspondence to...
      CO - Donald M. Condra  (info as above)
Hondo AB, TX  -- Direct Hondo correspondence to...
       CO - Ralph C. "Jim" Mayton  
                 Deputy - Kenneth Keim
            2000 Tynne Meadow Lane                   15049 W. Monterey Way
            Prince George, VA 23875                   
Goodyear, AZ 8533
            Email:  jjmayton@yahoo.com  
         Email: kbkeim@aol.com
Associates group leader --All others direct correspondence to...
        Bob King
        608 E. Patton
        Papillion, NE 68046
        Email: aeroconbk@aol.com